The Saterfiels

Genealogy of the Saterfiels of West Monroe, LA
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Individual names highlighted in green
are ancestors of the Saterfiels of West Monroe, LA

Johann Herman Arndt

b. 1683 in Nordhausen, Germany
m.  12 Jul 1703 Anna Margaretha (Unknown) (b. abt 1685) in Speyer, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany
d. abt. 1750 in Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania

Son of


Children of Johann Herman Arndt and Anna Margaretha

1. Johann Henrich Arndt b: ABT 1709 in Neustadt?, Pfalz, Germany
2. Johann Conrad Arndt b: ABT 1711 in Hanau (am) Main, Hesse, Germany
3. Johann Peter Arndt b: ABT 1712 in Ronneberg, Germany
4. Johann Michael Arndt b: ABT 1719 in Germany
5. Migerl Arndt b: ABT 1720 in Germany
6. Anna Maria Arndt b: 2 Nov 1721 in Hanau (am) Main, Hesse, Germany
7. Johann Jacob Arndt b: 27 Dec 1726 in Hanau (am) Main, Hesse, Germany

Additional Notes

[Spottswood, GED]: From a translation of Monika Rademacher's letter from the Hanau, Germany stadarchiv, edited by Barbara Frost:
"Herman comes (stems) from Nordhausen and stayed there himself, since he wrote from there, from the time of his marriage (until) 1721 when he moved to Ronneburg (in the vicinity of Hanau). Since he comes from there, it is more likely that his children were born in Ronneburg (except, as records show: Anna Maria and Jacob)."

"In the year 1721 the sheepherder (or sheepman) and horn maker (dreher=lathe) Herman Arnd applied for admission among the citizens of Old Town Hanau. At this time he already had four sons. Two of these sons married on February 26, 1733 in the Hanauen Church of Mary." [paragraphs reversed for timeline]

The Ronneburger (Evangelical Lutheran) Church records are found in the:
Parish Office Huttengess
Kirchengarten 1
6451 Ronneburg"

Family researcher Dennis Copeland wrote:
"Herman and Margretha's family must have left for Rotterdam within a few months of the weddings. The trip took several weeks down the Rhine and, then, they might have to wait days, weeks, months for passage. According to my sources, the ship passage took two to three months across the Atlantic." (See Sources)

Michael, Conrad, the women and the children are not listed.

Herman immigrated from Germany to American on the ship HOPE of London. With him were his wife, and children: Peter and wife, Michael and wife, Jacob and Anna Maria.

Some of the numerous name variations are: Arendt, Arnot, Arent, Ardt, Arnt, Arnet, Arnz, Ornt, Arentz, Arnds, Araont, Aurant, Ahrnd, Orent, Ahrent, Arant, Arrant etc.

Additional Sources