The Saterfiels

Genealogy of the Saterfiels of West Monroe, LA
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Individual names highlighted in green
are ancestors of the Saterfiels of West Monroe, LA

Jane Elizabeth Hatcher
(maternal great-great-great-grandmother of Lillian Arrant Saterfiel)

b. abt 1791 in Edgefield Co., S. Carolina
m. John Allen Tharpe (1781 - after Nov 1834) 2 Jan 1809 in Warren Co., GA
d. abt. July 1857 Bibb Co., GA

Daughter of
Thomas Hatcher, Jr.*
(abt 1763 - 1826)
Martha (Unknown)
(abt 1770 - 1832)

Children of Jane Elizabeth Hatcher and John Allen Tharp

1. Mary A Tharpe,  b. Abt 1810,  
2. James Madison A Tharpe,  b. Abt 1812,
3. Caroline A Tharpe,  b. Abt 1813, GA , 
4. Catherine A Tharpe,   b. Abt 1813, GA , 
5. William A Tharpe,  b. Abt 1814,  
6. Robert A Tharpe,   b. Abt 1816, GA ,  
7. Elizabeth Allen Tharpe,   b. 27 Jan 1817, GA ,   d. 6 Mar 1884, Ouachita Parish, LA
8. Obedience A Tharpe,  b. c1823, GA ,   d. 8 Apr 1896, of HoustonCo, GA
9. Cicero A Tharpe,   b. Abt 1824, GA ,  
10. Henrietta A Tharpe,   b. Abt 1826, BibbCo, GA , 
11. Martha A Tharpe,   b. Abt 1828, BibbCo, GA , 
12. John Vinson A Tharpe,   b. Abt 1833, BibbCo, GA ,  

* Elizabeth Hatcher has been considered to be the daughter of Major John Hatcher.  Another researcher (see Additional Notes) makes a strong case as to her being the daughter of Thomas Hatcher, Jr. and granddaughter of Thomas Hatcher, Sr.
Additional Notes

Eleanor Davis included the following notes concerning John A. Tharp, born Sept. 1, 1781. He and his wife ELIZABETH Hatcher A. THARP came to Twiggs County with his father in 1811. They joined Stone Creek Baptist Church in Feb. 1811. In the Church Records he is referred to as John A. Tharp Jr. to distinguish him from John A. Tharp Sr., who came at a later date and may have been his uncle.

At the time that John was a member of Stone Creek Church the Church sat in judgment on its members. If someone disobeyed any rules he was brought before a committee for trial. If he expressed sorrow for his actions and asked forgiveness he was reinstated but if not, he was excommunicated. John got into trouble for fighting and was called to account at a Church Conference. He refused to say that he was penitent so he was excommunicated from the Church.
John A. Tharp and Elizabeth Hatcher A. Tharp had a number of children. He made a will before his death and it is filed in the Bibb County Court House. He named a number of heirs that are his children.

RE: Elizabeth Hatcher Tharp (NOT the daughter of Maj. John Hatcher)

. . .1826-27 estate sale records for John Davis of BibbCo, GA. On the list of buyers was Dempsey Hatcher, a proven son of Thomas Jr and Martha Hatcher and grandson of Thomas Sr and Wilmoth. Among the other buyers were various members of the Tharp family, one of whom was married to Elizabeth Hatcher, believed to be a daughter of Major John. (shown as such in “History of Wilkinson County"

This instantly raised alarm bells for why would Dempsey, born c1797, from a line with very distant connections to the alleged family of Major John be living in their midst?

In checking the records for Elizabeth Hatcher, born c1793, her connection as a daughter of John was made only on the fact that she purchased a slave at John's estate sale - certainly not sufficient proof to establish her daughtership.

In checking Dempsey's family, it was discovered from the census that Dempsey had 2 unnamed sisters, born c1791 and 1793. It now appeared possible that Elizabeth Hatcher Tharp was Dempsey's sister and the daughter of Thomas Jr and Martha Hatcher. If correct, it would explain Dempsey's presence in BibbCo and also explain Elizabeth's purchase at John's estate sale. She was his niece, not his daughter.

. . .Thomas Hatcher Sr, a resident of EdgefieldCo, SC, was a Captain in the spring of 1778. . .

Additional Sources

Will of John Allen Tharp
From Joyce Harrison:

The Last Will & Testament
John A. Tharp
(Son of Vincent A. Tharp)

Taken from Will Book in the Bibb County, GA., Court House by Eleanor Pearl Davis and included in her "Notes on the Allentharp and Tharp Families", 1944, pub. By D. B. Tharpe, pp 30-31.

In the name of God, I, JOHN A. THARP, in the County and State aforesaid, being in sound mind, memory and understanding, do hereby adopt this my last will and testament.

Item 1. I wish and direct that all my just debts may be fully satisfied and paid out of the effects which I may leave behind.

Item 2. I give and bequeath to Eliz. A. Tharp my lawful wife all my lands, Negroes, household and kitchen furniture, horses, cows and hogs, together with all the ready money I may have in hand and all the effects and property I may die possessee of during her natural life widowhood and at her inter marriage or death I wish my property divided in the following manner.

Item 3. Mary Boon, James Madison A. Tharp, William A. Tharp, Robert A. Tharp, Caroline Reynolds, Elizabeth Rogers, Catherine A. Tharp, Cicero A. Tharp, Obedience A. Tharp, Henrietta A. Tharp, Mathew A. Tharp, John Vinson A. Tharp.

Item 4. I do hereby appoint Eliz. A. Tharp my wife as aforesaid Executrix to this my last will and also William A. Tharp and Robert A. Tharp my children above mentioned Executors to this my last will and testament as aforesaid dated this 25 day of Nov. in 1834.


Richard Fish
William Stacky
Henry S. Ross
Johnson Reynolds