The Saterfiels

Genealogy of the Saterfiels of West Monroe, LA
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are ancestors of the Saterfiels of West Monroe, LA

James A. Saterfiel (Satterfield)
(paternal great-grandfather of Cecil Calvert Saterfiel)

b.  abt 1818 in Jasper Co., Alabama
m. Laura A. Blass (b. abt 1830 d. after 1907) in Morenga, AL
d.  10 Dec 1863, Enterprise Camp, Enterprise Co., MS

James A. Saterfiel died as a prisoner of war, probably from a war wound or disease, after the CSA surrender of Vicksburg

July 30, 1862 letter from CSA Pvt. James A Satterfield to his wife - click to see larger image
Son of
James Satterfield
(b. 1780 in S. Carolina - d. ?)
Catherine Landers
(b. 1787 in Rutherford Co., N. C. d. 1847 in Lincoln Co., TN)

Children of James A. Saterfiel and Laura A. Blass

Martha Leanna SATERFIEL b: 1856
James H SATERFIEL b: 25 Mar 1858 in Enterprise, Clarke , Mississippi
Will B. SATERFIEL b: 28 Feb 1862 in , Lauderdale, Mississippi

Laura A. Blass
b. abt. 1830, Morenga, AL
d. aft. 1907 in Berry, Newton Co., MS

Daughter of

John P. Blass
b. in Gross Glattbach, Netherlands
m. 7 May 1825, Christina Hohl, in Morenga, AL
d. aft 1830, in Mobile, AL

Christina Hohl
b. abt. 1805 in Gross Glattbach, Netherlands
d. aft. 1830 in Mobile, AL
Notes about James A. Saterfiel and Laura A. Blass

The name "SATERFIEL" was begun by him and stuck with the family afterwards. However, there are no such spelling prior to the Civil War. Prior to the Civil War it was almost always "SATTERFIELD." Anytime the name "SATERFIEL" is seen nowadays anywhere in the world, they are definitely a descendant of this Civil War SATTERFIELD. 

James A. Saderfiel a Private of Captain W.B. Ferrell's, Company K, of the 57th Miss, Reg't ?? (Should be "37th" Miss. Reg't) born in Alabama aged 46, 5 foot 8 inches tall, fair complexion, brown eyes,and by occupation a Farmer was enlisted by Capt. Nixxon at Jasper County, Miss on the 31st day of March 1862. To serve three years as the War, and died on the 10th day of December 1863

This said James A. Saderfield was last paid by Capt. W.F. Davis. To include the 28 day of Feburary, 1863 and has pay due him from that time for the date fo his death.

There is due him no bounty. There is due him no commutation for clothing from the 8th October 1862. He is indebted to the Confederate States Thirty Five No/xx on the ammount of Clothing.

Given at Camp near Enterprise this 23rd day of December, 1863 

J.C. Ellis Lt-Company Comander
Attest J. Maunm
Muster roll: James A. Saderfield Private, Co. K, 37 Reg't. Mississippi Vols. for July and Aug. 1862
When: March 31, 1862Sent to hospitol 
Where: Jasper County
By whom: Captian Nixon
Period: 3 years

Last paid:
By whom: Captain Shepard
To what time: June 30, 186_
Present or Absent: Absent
Remarks: Send to hospital Aug 24, 1862.
Signed: J.W. Wilkinson

Muster roll: James A. Saderfield Private, Co. K, 37 Reg't. Mississippi Vols. 10 rolls for March 31, 1862 to Dec, 1863 (Died 10 Dec 1863);

When: March 31, 1862
Sent to hospitol June 30, 1862.
Where: Jasper County
By whom: Captian Nixon
Period: 3 years

Present or Absent: Present

Signed: J.W. Wilkinson

And, in a letter from Gary Duane Satterfield of Lubbock, TX to another Saterfiel researcher, regarding James A. Saterfiel

His Civil War records indicate he was 41 when he died or just before he died. So, my estimate has always been about 1822 when he was born. Also, his Civil War Records show he was born in TN at one place and Jackson, AL in another. My research shows his parents were in Jackson County, AL in 1820 according to a Quit Claim Legal Document mailed out of Jackson County to his mother's relatives, the Landers. At the time of his birth, 1822, The state line of TN swooped south down along the river and encompassed what is now the northern part of AL. Shortly after his birth, still in 1822, the line changed to what it is today. I often was critical about him not knowing what state he was born in. Being aware of the boundary change shortly after his birth, I too would have had hell trying to figure out what state to say at muster roll time.  

As far as where he is buried, I'm still trying to figure that out. His wife, Laura BLASS SATERFIEL, claimed his pay due a deceased soldier and hired an attorney, SHANNON, out of Meridian as her legal rep. Since he died at Camp Enterprise as a prisoner of war, they were close to home in Jasper County, and I assume his wife buried him in a family plot. What is your experience on such matters as his death and burial location? I also have a newspaper article by a Mr. LIGHTSEY who shows James A. SATERFIEL as part of the 37th MS Regiment, Company K Infantry, "Jasper Guards." His Civil War Records show the whole gamut of spellings, SATERFIEL, SATTERFIELD, SADDERFIELD, SATERFIELD. 


LAURA ANN2 BLASS (JOHN P..1 BLATZ/BLASS) was born July 1830 in Marengo County, Alabama, and died 1907 in Berry community, Newton County, Mississippi. She married (1) JOHN PERRY Abt. 1850. She married (2) JAMES A.. SATERFIEL Abt. 1855. He was born Abt. 1818 in Jackson County, Alabama, and died December 10, 1863 in the Civil War.

According to the interview conducted with Stella Puckett Gibbon in 1974, Laura Blass was married first to a Perry and had the children Isaac Perry, China Perry--who married an Ishee, and Emily Perry Gibbon. Mr. Perry died and she married (2) a Saterfiel and had other children--Will, Leanna, and Jim.

We have been able to determine from the death certificate of China Ann Perry Ishee that her father's name was John Perry.

James A. Saterfiel died in the Civil War. Following his death, Laura Ann was notified on his death, and still later, filed for a Widower's Pension.

Most descendants of James use the Saterfiel surname, but the Alternate form of Saterfield is also used.

Children of LAURA BLASS and JOHN PERRY are:
6. i. CHINA ANN3 PERRY, b. May 13, 1851, Lauderdale County, Mississippi; d. January 23, 1921, Chunky, Newton County, Mississippi.
7. ii. SARAH EMILY PERRY, b. August 02, 1853, Marengo County, Alabama; d. December 05, 1889, Chunky, Newton County, Mississippi.
iii. ISAAC PERRY, b. Unknown.

8. iv. JAMES H.3 SATERFIEL, b. March 25, 1858, Enterprise, Mississippi; d. May 12, 1922, poplar Springs community, Newton, Mississippi.
9. v. MARTHA LEANNA SATERFIEL, b. February 22, 1860, Lauderdale County, Mississippi; d. March 14, 1905, Berry community, Newton County, Mississippi.
10. vi. WILLIAM B. SATERFIEL, b. February 28, 1862, Lauderdale County, Mississippi; d. January 18, 1925, Martin community, Lauderdale County, MISSISSIPPI.

 By Harold Graham

  Notes for JOHN P. BLATZ/BLASS:

  In an interview with my great-aunt Stella Puckett Gibbon in 1974 she stated that her grandmother, Laura Ann Blass, migrated from Holland, that she was known as "Black Dutch", and that she brought her wooden shoes to America with her. I was later to learn, from my research, that Laura's parents were actually the immigrants from Holland.

  One of the items passed down through generations within the family is a Lutheran Hymnal, published in Old Gothic German in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1801, its title reading, "A Hymnal for the Use of Churches and Schools Given by the Synod in Stuttgart for Use According to the Present Time." A notation on the flyleaf indicates that "This hymnal belongs to Christiana Hofflin (?) (of) Gross Glattbach, Anno 1816, Gtz Jam (or possibly blz Fam)". Other notes indicate that the hymnal was a gift from Johann Blatz, the occasion likely being her graduation from Lutheran Grammar School. The dates 1817-1818 appear on the outside leaves of the book, suggesting this probably was the period of immigration to the United States.

  Their entry into the United States likely was at the Port of Mobile, although records have not been found to that effect. They settled in Marengo County, Alabama, no doubt in a settlement of other Dutch immigrants. Their names were quickly Anglicized. Christiana and Johann married in 1825, her maiden name appearing as "Hohl" on the marriage certificate, and that of Johann Blatz appearing as "John Blass".

  John P. Blass is located in the 1830 federal Census of Marengo County, Alabama, with 1 male 30/40, 1 male under 5 , 2 females under 5, and 2 females 20/30. We have no further record of either John or Christiana. It is believed that they died between 1837 and 1840. Their children apparently were placed with other families. The son John Blass, Jr., remained in Marengo County, Alabama, and appears, unmarried, on the 1850 Federal Census of that county. The remaining children, of whom we have knowledge, appear in Lauderdale County, Mississippi, in the early 1850's.

  2. i. WILLIAM H.2 BLASS, b. 1827, Marengo County, Alabama; d. March 17, 1862, Montgomery, Alabama.
  ii. DAU. BLASS, b. Abt. 1828, Marengo County, Alabama.
  3. iii. LAURA ANN BLASS, b. July 1830, Marengo County, Alabama; d. 1907, Berry community, Newton County, Mississippi.
  iv. JOHN BLASS, b. 1832, Marengo County, Alabama.
  v. MARTHA J. BLASS, b. 1837, Marengo County, Alabama; m. JACOB H. ANDREWS, October 06, 1854, Lauderdale County, Mississippi.

3. LAURA ANN2 BLASS (JOHN P..1 BLATZ/BLASS) was born July 1830 in Marengo County, Alabama, and died 1907 in Berry community, Newton County, Mississippi. She married (1) JOHN PERRY Abt. 1850. She married (2) JAMES A.. SATERFIEL Abt. 1855. He was born Abt. 1818 in Jackson County, Alabama, and died December 10, 1863 in the Civil War.

Addl. notes about John Blass

US Census 1830 Marengo, AL
Head of Family
Name: John T Blass or John P Blass
[John P Bloss] 
Home in 1830 (City, County, State): Marengo, Alabama
Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39: 1
Free White Persons - Females - Under 5: 2
Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29: 1
Slaves - Females - Under 10: 1
Slaves - Females - 36 thru 54: 1
Free White Persons - Under 20: 2
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2
Total Free White Persons: 4
Total Slaves: 2
Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored): 6

Inventory of the county archives of Alabama: Marengo County
1841 - #214 - An act making appropriations for the payment of claims against the State. ($10 ordered paid to John P. Blass, jailor, Marengo County for victualling prisoners.) Approved December 31, 1841 (Ala. Acts, Annual Session, 1841, p. 167).

Additional References:

Research of Mack Saterfield online at
This letter and much information courtesy of Dr. Harold Graham of the Newton County (MS) Historical and Genalogical Society.  He is also a descendant of Laura A. Blass and her first husband, John Perry.